Virtual Beauty Oil Workshop - Saturday, 9/25/21

Virtual Beauty Oil Workshop - Saturday, 9/25/21

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Join us Saturday, September 25th at 2pm, for a Virtual Beauty Oil Making Workshop.

**Deadline to Register is Tuesday, September 14th to ensure you receive your class materials.


*Virtual Class with step by step instructions and information concerning the benefits of using and making natural body care products. 

*(1) - High quality glass dropper bottle with a golden plastic lid.

*(1) Natural Carrier Oil Blend 

*(1) Bag of Herb

*(1) Bag of Flowers

*(1) Online Step by Step Guide

**FREE Shipping**


IMPORTANT NOTE:  You can choose two essential oils from the list below. Please add your essential oil selections to the "Special instructions for seller" section. If you do not, a blend will be selected for you. 

CHOOSE  ONE or TWO (2) Essential Oils for your blend or a blend will be choosen for you. 

1. Frankincense - Pine-like, woody, fresh lemon (skin tightening, skin-healing, anti-inflammatory, pain relieving)

2. Lemongrass - Fresh lemon and herbs (skin-healing, reduces fatigue, antibacterial, antidepressant)

3. Lavender - Herbal, sweet, floral, fresh, woody and fruit (Known for skin healing properties. Good for rashes, scars, wounds, burns, itching, calming, soothing, reduces anxiety)

4. Orange - Sweet, fresh orange (antibacterial, antidepressant, upifting, reduces fatigue, soothing)

5. Peppermint -  Menthol and herbs (refreshing, uplifting, stimulates new ideas, astringent, antifungal,  anti-inflammatory, analgesic)

6. Clove - Sweet, woody. spicy and fruity. (antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antidepressant)

You will receive your link and password information via email, after you successfully register. Thank you